meet the burns team manchester


Adult Consultant Surgeon

Mr Dunn

Mr Dunn is the Lead Surgeon in the adult burns. There are a team of 3 further consultant surgeons who work alongside him, Mr Khwaja, Mr Kanitkar and Mr Khan. All of these surgeons also work in the children’s burns service, so you may have already met some of them.

Paediatric Consultant Surgeon

Miss Shah

Miss Shah is the Lead Consultant Surgeon in the children’s burns service. She often remains involved in the care of young people transitioning across to the adult service.

Angela Fox, Paediatric Transition Lead Nurse.

Lead Transition Nurse, Children’s Service

Sister Angela Fox

The Lead Transition Nurse in the children’s service will be the person who helps you prepare for transition to the adult burns service. She would be the person for you to contact in the children’s service if have any questions about your transition.

Jenny Anderson Transition Lead Nurse, Adult Service

Lead Transition Nurse, Adult Service

Sister Jenny Anderson

Jenny links in with the Children’s Lead Transition nurse to identify who is transitioning across to the adult service. She will get in touch with you invite you to visit the adult service. Jenny is one of the Burns Outreach Nurses. The Burns Outreach Nurses run the burns outpatient clinics, including wound and scar management and cosmetic camouflage.

Clare Mcgrory, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Burns

Lead Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Clare McGrory

Clare leads the team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists who you may need to see for ongoing physical therapy either whilst in hospital or as an out-patient, Clare runs the scar management clinic with the Burns Outreach Nurses.

Dr Julie Wisely, Clinical Psychologist

Lead Clinical Psychologist

Dr Julie Wisely

Clinical Psychologists help people deal with the emotional impact of their injury. For example, learning how to cope with a change to appearance or difficult memories related to the trauma of the injury. Julie also leads the Manchester Young Adult Burns Camp.