meet the burns team


There are lots of health professionals involved in burns care. Here is a summary of some of the key people you are likely to meet.

Consultant Burns and Plastic Surgeon

Consultants are highly trained doctors who are the main doctors responsible for your burn care. They are surgeons, so can operate on your burns if necessary.


Consultant Anaesthetist

Anaesthetists area also specialised doctors who look after you during your operation and keep you asleep until the operation is over. they may also help with pain relief.


Ward Manager

Ward Managers are responsible for the management and running of the burns ward and its staff.


Nursing Staff

Nurses are trained to care for people with various health conditions. Burn nurses have special training in looking after burn patients and their wounds.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialist are nurses with a high level of training in specialised areas of nursing.


Outreach Nurse

Outreach Nurses see outpatients and treat minor burns which do not require admission to hospital. they also provide follow-up care to patients after their discharge.



Physiotherapists help people with physical problems caused by illness, accidents or aging. They assess and help to restore and maintain physical function.


Occupational Therapist

Occuaptional Therapsits help people to overcome the effects of impairment caused by illness, aging or accidents. They help patietns to perform daily tasks nad to develop skills to live independently.


Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologists help people deal with the emotional impact of their injury. For example, learning how to cope with a change to appearance or difficult memories related to the trauma of the injury.


Play Specialist

Play Specialists work closely within children’s burns services providing inpatients and outpatients with play activities to prepare, distract and relax them during their time in the hospital. They can play an important role in preparing young people for the process of transition.



Dieticians are specialist in the study of nutrition – they ensure that your diet is rich in the nutrients it needs to maximise skin healing following a burn injury.



Pharmacists have a specialist knowledge of the drugs used in treating burns patients.