You might find it helpful to complete a patient passport.


Have a think about which questions you might like to ask.


It is normal to worry about what your first appointment might be like.


Receive Letter

Usually you will have been sent a letter from the adult service, which will tell you where to go for your first appointment and who you will be seeing.

The Hospital

You should also have received some information about the hospital, such as a map and where to park.

The Team

You can also look under ‘Meet the Team’ and ‘Your Service’, to find out some more information about your new service!


Arrive Early

It is best to arrive early so that you are ready in time for your appointment.

Your Consultant

At your first appointment you will meet with the consultant who will be responsible for your care.

Other Staff

You may also meet a few other members of the team, like one of the outpatient nurses, the psychologist or physiotherapist.


Burns Unit

Some units coordinate your first appointment with a visit to the adult burns unit where you will meet other key members of the team.

Any Thoughts?

At your first appointment your doctor will ask if you have any concerns, or areas of your burn that are particularly bothering you.

Your Goals

They will ask what your thoughts are about future treatment or surgery. What are your goals?


Visiting On Your Own

At this first appointment your doctor may ask you if you want to be seen on your own, or if you would like someone, such as a parent to come in with you.

Visiting With Parents

Some young people making the transition to adult services find at first they quite like their parent to come in with them to start with.

Any Questions

Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you would like.