“Treatment over the long term can involve scar management, physiotherapy and further surgery, it is part of me and my everyday life.”


I transitioned in 2014. My transition was not very straight forward; i guess everyone is different. At first, before I transitioned,  I was still under the children’s hospital, looking at if I needed to be transitioned or discharged. We came to an agreement that I didn’t need any further intervention, so I was discharged in 2013. Later on, in 2014 when I was attending the adult burns camp I started to notice a change in my right foot. I spoke to one of the camp leaders who was also a nurse from the adult burns service.  She advised me to get in touch with my GP to get referred to my adult burns service.  So transitioning isn’t always the same it can be different for every individual.  It can seem nerve-racking but, it can be an easy process. The team are wonderful in the adult services too!